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June 20, 2005
The Fall Of The Griifin Det. Agency

In the case of James Grosjean and Michael Russo vs.Griffin Det. Agency and Caesars Palace.The jury tonight found Griffin and Caesars guilty of libel and defamation.
Caesars was also found guilty of false imprisonment.The award was for 100,000.The jury will return on Friday June 17 to award punitive damages.Caesars and Griffin will have to supply to the jury their net worth so that the punitive damages can be awarded.I was in the courtroom when the verdict was announced.It will be a verdict that will ever change the current conditions on how skilled players are treated by casino's ,and how Griffin will just not be allowed to say what ever they please about players with no regard for the players reputation or character.
To James and Michael and Bob Nersesian your attorney, on behalf of all the members of BJT we all thank you for you courage to step up and take on the Casino's and Griffin Det.Agency on a level playing field which is the courtroom .
They are not use to playing on a level playing field.It was a great day for the "GOOD GUYS"
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